About runlv

Wuxi Runlv Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Xuxiake Town, Jiangyin, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. It is a professional company that produces filtration solutions and equipment.

Our company is a professional manufacturer that integrates research and development, production, sales, and service, based on technology and organized production using a standard system. We mainly provide solid-liquid separation equipment to domestic and foreign industrial enterprises.

The company mainly produces non-standard packaging containers such as stainless steel ton barrels and lithium salt barrels; Filter washing and drying three in one unit, filter washing two in one, cylinder cone filter washing and drying machine; Self cleaning filters, backwash filters, bag filters, precision filters and other filtration equipment;

  • Established in2015year
  • Registered capital1008ten thousand
  • Annual output value1000+

Chemical equipment such as reaction vessels, crystallization vessels, stainless steel containers, heat exchangers, evaporators, etc; Double cone dryer, single cone dryer, rake dryer, spray dryer and other drying equipment can meet the requirements of different industries and different working conditions.

The product is mainly used in the food and beverage industry; Pharmaceutical industry; Water treatment industry; The automotive industry; Textile industry; Paper industry; Electronic industry; Fine chemical industry; Petrochemical industry; Energy and chemical engineering; Coatings and paints; Metal processing; Metal smelting; Adhesive and oil industry; Resin, polymer, ink, dispersion, lithium battery and other related industries.

The company has solid technical strength, scientific process, excellent equipment, and complete testing methods. It has a professional team that has been engaged in research and production of filtration technology for a long time.

The company has sufficient production capacity and outstanding supply chain management capabilities. It can produce 60 filtration washing and drying machines, 600 self-cleaning filters, 280 gas filters, as well as various storage tanks, mixers, and non-standard customized products annually. The "Runlv" filtration equipment is always designed around the customer's filtration conditions in terms of structural design and filter material performance. It is reliable in quality and affordable in price, making it a cost-effective choice.

Annual production of filtration, washing, and drying machines


Annual production of self-cleaning filters


Annual gas filter production


Runlv always adheres to the business philosophy of "providing quality for customers, realizing dreams for employees, and creating value for the industry"; And take "quality first" and "customer satisfaction is our driving force" as our quality policy; Our continuous pursuit and goal is "integrity, responsibility, innovation, and teamwork". We pay attention to customer needs, work together with the elite in the filtration industry, understand industry technology and trends, provide professional filtration solutions for customers, and strive to make contributions to the filtration industry.

May we work hand in hand with our friends to create a better tomorrow!

Management idea
Runlv always adheres to the business philosophy of "providing quality for customers, realizing dreams for employees, and creating value for the industry"
Quality policy
Our quality policy is based on "quality first" and "customer satisfaction is our driving force"
Pursuit and goals
Making "integrity, responsibility, innovation, and teamwork" our continuous pursuit and goal


A professional manufacturer providing solid-liquid separation equipment