What is a multifunctional filter

A multifunctional filter is a solid-liquid separation equipment that integrates filtration, washing, drying, stirring, reaction, and automatic discharge.
This type of equipment can be divided into three types (filtration, washing, automatic discharge) and four types (filtration, washing, drying, automatic discharge). The multifunctional filter has the characteristics of completely enclosed filtration, no leakage, low environmental pollution, and the entire filtration process can be fully automated.
The multifunctional filter is mainly composed of filtering materials, filter plates, rolling rods, stirring devices, filtering chambers, etc. It can effectively remove impurities and pollutants in water and is applied in the liquid treatment needs of environmental protection, chemical industry, food and medicine, and other industries such as metallurgy, power, petroleum, etc.
The above information is for reference only. If you need to learn more about multifunctional filters, it is recommended to consult professionals in the relevant field.

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